Family Solutions System Collaborative

Good morning from LA Family Housing in North Hollywood. I am learning about CalWorks/cal fresh/medical services to the homeless and poor. There is a web site to apply for services: . This tells you what brick & mortar location will serve you. Financial Literacy is also being covered, or how else will people becomeContinue reading “Family Solutions System Collaborative”

The Pale Princess Problem – What I learned from raising girls

It is okay to be a pretty princess, but rescue your own self, or stay out of danger in the first place.
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Stop Summer Hunger with MEND ( Meet Each Need with Dignity )

As you enjoy the summer, we hope you’ll remember to support MEND by participating in one or more of the many activities designed to fund our critical work in the community. Stop Summer Hunger Join us in fighting hunger! For families who come through our doors at MEND, summer can be the hardest time ofContinue reading “Stop Summer Hunger with MEND ( Meet Each Need with Dignity )”

Doctor Said Sterilization More Cost Effective Than Welfare –

‘ he was asking women, who he determined would likely be on welfare, to have the procedure. Because we shouldn’t have to pay for all of those ‘unwanted’ babies.’

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