Got Thirst? We’ll steal your stuff while you go to the drinking fountain

Sorry City of LA – that’s a party foul. No one likes the look of tents and crates and sleeping bags and clothes littering the sidewalks. But also – no one likes living like that either and no one feels comfy leaving their stuff unattended while they run to find a restroom or grab water – but ending homelessness has not been perfected yet.  How about you not act like a brat and say “You weren’t touching it so now it is mine!” . Seriously. Let’s all get real.

via  Without comment, the US Supreme Court has refused to overturn a lower court’s ban on discarding the goods and property belonging to the homeless on Skid Row. The City had hoped to overturn the ban in the sake of “public safety.” Last year, the 9th Circuit ruled that the City could not discard individuals’ possessions when they went to fill a water bottle, stand in line for food, or other short-term abandonment.

The City had argued that by preventing its workers from clearing possessions, public safety would be jeopardized. However, attorneys representing eight homeless individuals said that the City couldn’t prove that the temporary abandonment of property posed a risk.

The City can still clear property that has been abandoned, poses a public health risk, and is evidence of a crime. A non-profit operating on Skid Row provides free storage the homeless and provides nearly 1,100 plastic storage containers.

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