Fox News vs. Mr. Rogers ; Because Mr Rogers Was an Evil, Evil Man

What I hope Mr. Rogers knew
What I hope Mr. Rogers knew

There is a Youtube video of someone saying that Mr Rogers ruined a generation od kids by telling them they were special – huh?

I do believe that we should reward children who achieve  success and goals – but that does not mean that “average” kids are not also wonderful.

We are all special, just for being ourselves. We don’t need to compare ourselves to someone else and feel unworthy because we are not as tall or thin or financially well off. We are special because of our personal interests, our talents and our perspectives.


Mr. Rogers had many working professionals visit his show and discuss their jobs and what made them good workers. Mr. Rogers did not tell anyone that their specialness meant they could not deliver the mail or work in a factory.

Mr. Rogers encouraged us to be better people who understood our humanity and emotions. In the Land of Make Believe there were characters who were greedy , stuck up, stubborn, uptight and had the full host of human shortcomings but were all willing to listen and improve themselves for their own good and the good of their neighbors.

I have never met a person in the Welfare Office who believed they were too special to be poor. Many of my clients have never heard of public television or PBS or Mr Rogers at all.

This was one study, it has not been duplicated and until it is – it is not FACT. Thank you FOX News for acting like 1 study is the truth.

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2 thoughts on “Fox News vs. Mr. Rogers ; Because Mr Rogers Was an Evil, Evil Man

  1. Go rot..the “evil” is the “get rich while sitting on your behind” mindset of the real estate thugs. Exploitation is not an American value..until now. Now, exploiting renters or whomever, is “good business practice”. Really ?? Whoa now “homeless” people suck…..your day will come,and I feel sorry for the greedy, evil ones who think making a buck at someone else’s expense is somehow “noble”.You are the lost…..not the homeless (pure in heart, who are still driven by good-not-greed) You arrogant, greedy, misguided smucks have your day coming and I feel so sorry for you. How DARE you look down on the homeless. How dare you….you low life evil greedy morons…

    1. …and “H” yes…EVERY human being is very,very special; even the not-too-bright who think makin’ a buck is the essence of humanity….I get it,,,you jus’ ain’t too smart..that’s OK .The homeless might just be the only ones who get it. Did you just not listen to Maslow or Einstein at ALL ? PLease open your mind just a hair….grow….learn…being stupid is NOT an American value at all. Please…do not stay shallow and stupid. It is just not befitting the human animal …not at all. Unfortunately, the poor and homeless are the true troopers of our species. Mr. Rogers met with a resonance of our cranial hertz…..say whut ??? duh…duh…. we are stupid…and so proud of it because we are ignorant and think we are so smart because we exploit people who have a conscience and won’t fight back. You will get yours.

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