WTF @GOP Republicans and Abortion Law

@CAGOP . . . Stop being MORALITY POLICE jerks and start representing and caring for your people. Sometimes I shake my head at my own party.

I try not to be too political – other than having to live under the laws we are passing , and showing up to vote on them, and occasionally discussing them – I have not gone to a public protest since 2002 when I protested the war because I doubted there were weapons of mass destruction . (Guess what, I was right!)

But come on!
I work in the Welfare systems and I see the families that can not afford to survive. I see the children who are starving, neglected, homeless and sometimes out-right abused because of the stress and finances of their families.

I sit with young mothers who have been assaulted and are pregnant and even with abortion legalized they feel the social stigma of abortion and the worse stigma of adopting out their children. I work inside the system. I know Foster Homes are under regulated and abuse and deaths happen even under the watch of DCFS. I send them to Domestic Violence therapy and mental health therapy and I know they are miserable and will sometimes be terrible parents without the education or employment to successfully raise families.

Also – I took more than a few Science classes – but apparently more Science classes than my GOP representatives did. Abortion is a SCIENCE and MEDICINE issue – not a morality issue. It is a medical choice to be made by a patient and a medical profession. It is not legislatively possible to cover thiscorrectly.

I am so disappointed in our government who are more concerned about abortion than crime s involving people who are actually alive. Maybe I shoudl do more than post on FaceBook – and I wish others would too. My message would be :

Don’t force the child into a world where it will starve.
There are other places to start.
Create jobs for the poor to work in.
Educate the poor so they can work those jobs.
Explain to out young citizens the way our reproduction systems work – and while we are at it – perhaps we should tell Capital Hill too.

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