Aftershock #fb

Kamakazi Friday hangover.
Today I spoke with a new mom.
No, she wasn’t a new mom. She had a healthy pregnancy and told the delivery nurse that she needed a doctor. Being a nurse herself, she knew what she was talking about. But the nurse refused for two hours and the baby drowned in her blood.
She couldn’t stand up straight, or sit up straight. The c-section scars were not scars yet and they hacked into her but it was too late. She cried for two hours at my desk.
I couldn’t find her a therapist.
I was no help at all.
Nine hours later and I haven’t recovered yet.
Oh, did I mention : she is homeless.

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2 thoughts on “Aftershock #fb

  1. Can I say medical malpractice suit! Money is no real consolation…. but she could probably use any settlement to help her get off the street. Also with the current nursing shortage She could Focus on working somewhere or try travel nursing. Plenty of work I hear. My condolences to the Mother you refer to, this is simply tragic. Can we put together a memorial service and maybe a proper burial for her Child?

  2. Our country is broken.
    This story illustrates some of the many ways it is messed up.
    How do we fix it? Where do we start?

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