Aftershock #fb

Kamakazi Friday hangover. Today I spoke with a new mom. No, she wasn’t a new mom. She had a healthy pregnancy and told the delivery nurse that she needed a doctor. Being a nurse herself, she knew what she was talking about. But the nurse refused for two hours and the baby drowned in herContinue reading “Aftershock #fb”

TB on Skid Row #wp

This may mean that the property of Homeless Individuals is thrown away or destroyed. Not to offend or hurt the homeless, but to protect them. TB is a terrible and hard to treat illness and currently rampant on Skid Row. I remember being taught at the Weingart Center about TB and being ceritfied to readContinue reading “TB on Skid Row #wp”

#wp Accountability – who is responisible for ending your personal homelessness

Accountability. It is endlessly frustrating to speak to someone who is telling me they ONLY have 70 days left on a shelter before I need to find them new housing. NO! no, no , no! You have 70 days with in which to find yourself housing. Take this time to look for a job. ApplyContinue reading “#wp Accountability – who is responisible for ending your personal homelessness”

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