Professionalism in Case Management

I joke. I laugh. Currently, I am rocking purple hair. My clients describe me as light hearted, cheerful, knowledgeable and funny.

Then they leave and I get to document the encounter.
I want to say my writing and tone is detached and professional.

But, that might be a lie today.

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3 thoughts on “Professionalism in Case Management

  1. Today I discovered “IT IS HARD TO STOP BEING HOMELESS WHEN YOU ARE HOMELESS” Former Case Manager – Presently Homeless – Single Mother college degree, excellent work history, marketable skills and experience, Professional, Smart , Savvy, Resourceful and …….I can’t secure employment or housing – I have been turned away from the shelter in SCV the last 5 + times I showed up. I was not accepted into the Family Program – they gave my son and I vouchers for 4 nites hotel stay and then told us we were not welcome and not to come back. I sent my son to live (temp) with relatives while I struggle to find safe places to sleep and secure employment but it is a strain on them and us – Please give me some advice I am losing hope

    1. 211 and ask for LAHSA Emergency Response Team. In the County DPSS office as for the District Response Team and tell them you have no where. Why didn’t they give 16 day vouchers?

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