Today in the GAIN office has been good

So far, so good.

Today has brought in a steady stream of clients reporting earnings and brandishing paychecks. Also at my desk I had a young man come in just to ask if he could continue to volunteer at the location he used to do Community Service for GAIN at; even though it isn’t a GAIN activity for him any more.  Sweet. 

Then there was the mother of a little boy . She brought her son in because he is attached to an oxygen tank and shw can’t find a day care provider to watch him – but she desperately wants to earn her High School Diploma. Don’t worry ; I will find a way to make that happen for her.

I have been using a bottle of hand sanitizer a week : on my hands, phones, and to clean my desk. It turns out that hand sanitizer is great for cleaning up the drawings I do in marker on my desk. Cool. None of that has prevented me from coughing and sneezing all day.

About 10 feet away, someone is moving into my old cubicle and it sounds like he found my secret stash of vases and Diet Coke. Okay, it sounds like the stash fell on him. Oppsie: sorry Hardie.

We are making big and small changes here and overall it is a positive experience …. heck, the phone is ringing

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