Professionalism in Case Management

I joke. I laugh. Currently, I am rocking purple hair. My clients describe me as light hearted, cheerful, knowledgeable and funny. Then they leave and I get to document the encounter. I want to say my writing and tone is detached and professional. But, that might be a lie today.

Today in the GAIN office has been good

So far, so good. Today has brought in a steady stream of clients reporting earnings and brandishing paychecks. Also at my desk I had a young man come in just to ask if he could continue to volunteer at the location he used to do Community Service for GAIN at; even though it isn’t aContinue reading “Today in the GAIN office has been good”

@MENDPoverty and The Oscar Experience

Oscar Experience with MEND Poverty at Universal Studios from the  Home : Awards : Academy Awards : Oscar® Experience: Benefits Oscar® Experience: Benefits 1234Oscar® Experience: Benefits, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences’ grassroots program that enables charities to host glamorous fund-raising parties on Oscar Sunday, will kick off its 20th year in 2013.Continue reading “@MENDPoverty and The Oscar Experience”

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