This blog is almost 7 years old

It started in a Las Vegas hotel room, the day after my 34th birthday. I was with Leslie, Bonnie, and Isabel and discussing my job in the “dodgie” part of town aka LA’s skid Row. I had made friends with a wonderful man, Mike, who had a blog and worked for Microsoft. He encouraged me to try out this Blogging thing he was doing and let me read his Robert Scoble book “Naked Conversations”.

Being from Arcadia CA, there was not a lot of information on poverty and homelessness handed out. I knew some of my friends came from insanely rich families, and some lived in “cracker box” apartments – and none of that really mattered to any of us. Of course, I have always been out of touch with the most basic of facts and it wasn’t until a few years ago that it occurred to me that Amanda Sanchez, a childhood friend, is probably Hispanic. Who knew? Well, presumably she and her family did, but it didn’t matter.

When I started doing Social Work I was just so glad to have a job that it took me a while to wonder why I worked in a Social Service agency ( Santa Anita Family Service) where a homeless man lived in the parking lot but no one was offering him help. Eventually I realised that there was not much help to be had.

It is beyond ridiculous that we have homeless citizens. It is frustrating that there are not enough jobs, and it angers me that I have people who could work: but it doesn’t fit into their schedule.

This is my place to explain to you everything I want you to know. What is homelessness.
How Homelessness can be ended.
Why I am cranky all the time (this is some stressful stuff)
What I really like about this area
New or old, thanks for hanging in with me


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