Don’t Blame Me ; Social Worker Rant

Maybe I missed it when I was poor
What is the magical allure to not having money?
Why is staying home ( or in someone else’s home) a better idea than coming to my office or sticking to the plan that YOU chose?
I don’t get it.
Once a week I check the database to see who went to Job Club ( I swear I didn’t name it ) or who started school, who got a new job or who is making changes in their daily activities that will result in a change of income and life style and eventually leaving their financial dependence on the county. Every week I want to scream. All of the great plans we have made are tossed into the trash by people who could not even call to let me know they changed their minds or decided it wasn’t worth their time.
Once a person broke it down to me: They figured they were “being paid $3.25 an hour” and “that’s not even legal to pay less than minimum wage. That’s slave wages!”.
Ahem, I contend it is not any wage at all. It is “supplemental” funding to keep you alive until you can stay alive under your own power. That is money for toothpaste, deodorant, socks and basic necessities so you stay healthy and look presentable to be hired. There are SNAP or CalFresh, aka Food Stamp funds given to you to feed your family and keep them healthy. Although the Medi-CAL insurance you have is better health insurance than most of the world has, it isn’t super fantastic so maybe you want to dress warmly and eat right so you don’t need to use it.
Being poor is a misery. And being poor should suck. It should make you miserable. And you should have enough self-respect to want to do every legal thing you can to improve your life and the lives depending on you. No one is punishing you for being poor, but you are punishing yourself by perpetuating your situation.
Don’t blame me. I hold you accountable ( as a fully functioning adult who is being given funds for transportation, funds to pay for child care, funds to purchase nice clothing and help making a resume and a job search) for continuing your own financial status

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  1. I love the idea that the person did the math and was offended by the low hourly wage. As a new teacher that is about what I made per hour. However no one was offering to supplement my necessities or gas. Additionally I had student loans to pay on. I agree being poor sucks – but working full time to support unmotivated people sucks more.

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