Homelessness sounds like a made up word

and I wish it were.
I wish I did not have to drive by 4 homeless men on my way to work, just so I can speak to 20 homeless parents each day.

If I could just “make up” anything, it would be shelters for these families and a list of open jobs (dead end or not) to place them into until they find meaningful work in their areas of interrest.

If I could just Make-up or invent anything, I have a design in mind for open air shelters that people could safely sleep in at night when there are no shelter beds, motels, or family & friends available to take them in.

I hate that I live in a fantasy world of hope instead of a hopeful reality.

This is getting very hard to keep doing and so I have posted less often, I appologize.

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Mommy. Social worker. Nice lady seeking to end homelessness and end poverty. FightOn

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