Police are a good thing

Even when your cops are @ArcadiaPD or@burbankPD, calling the police never feels like a good thing But sometimes it is the only way to save a life.
I just completed a chat with Burbank’s Officers Rojas and Officer W. when they reported to my desk at work. Soothing, warm, professional, and intelligent. I could easily believe these two men were the top of their class all through school and still picture them at a back yard barbeque. They are well rounded and real. That genuine humanity is what made them successful in establishing a connection and getting the citizen to trust them and their judgment without incident. Although seeing a police car always races my heart, it was great to have them respond within minutes to my call for a M.E.T evaluation. (Mental health Emergency Team).
Some police departments try to be the Flash Gordon’s of community care: all about sending an officer, assessing the least amount of effort to do a job and quickly exiting. That type of policing and temporary bandaging rarely solves anything or prevents to recurrence. I am totally biased in my admiration of the Arcadia Police Department (even though they could not catch or identify the thief who was videotaped stealing my car). Because of them, I feel safe in my city any time of the day or night and I am not afraid to ask any officer for help. Also, the force shows up in force to community events and fundraisers like St Baldrick’s and Relay for Life.
The Burbank Police have never failed me. Also, unlike the Arcadia PD, they have never given me a parking ticket.
Why is this important to homeless and poor people? Because – your local police department is YOUR police department and you have all the rights to service and protection that your home owning neighbors claim. Try to trust them and ask them for help when you need it.

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