♥♥♥♥ @MENDPoverty ! This is how they meet the needs of local school kids! Students from Pacoima’s Vaughn Next Century Learning Center Receive Donated Dental and Vision Screenings, New Backpacks with School Supplies and New Shoes  (Pacoima, CA) – MEND—Meet Each Need with Dignity, the San Fernando Valley’s largest poverty relief organization, will host itsContinue reading “MEND’S ANNUAL “HEAD TO TOES” EVENT PROVIDES MORE THAN 200 THIRD GRADE STUDENTS WITH BACK-TO-SCHOOL ESSENTIALS”

L.A. County to focus funds on chronically homeless

When I was at @lamp_community, I saw the chronically homeless are the most expensive portion of the population. I spent a year tracking the calls to 911, and the calls to the PET team, unexpected trips to the E.R., and visits to Downtown Mental Health.,0,7793080.story

Did you know?

Of those people seeking emergency food relief, more than one-third (36%) had to choose between buying food or paying for housing. Shaken baby syndrome is responsible for about 1,500 infant deaths a year nationwide. Men are responsible for 80 percent of shaken baby syndrome cases. The number of assaults against the homeless is rising. InContinue reading “Did you know?”

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Police are a good thing

Even when your cops are @ArcadiaPD or@burbankPD, calling the police never feels like a good thing But sometimes it is the only way to save a life. I just completed a chat with Burbank’s Officers Rojas and Officer W. when they reported to my desk at work. Soothing, warm, professional, and intelligent. I could easilyContinue reading “Police are a good thing”

Why I Act Poor

I used to laugh about my Pa always HAVING to have bread at every meal. It was a left over comfort from living through the Great Depression. But, then one day in my early 20’s I became a poor single mother who turned couches inside out looking fo enough change to buy Jackie’s diapers. OfContinue reading “Why I Act Poor”

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