Loss of Innocence

I will never sleep like this again, safely sheltered from the cruelties we inflict, one upon the other. I gave up more than I bargained for when I became a social worker.

My last call tonight is with a young mother. She gave birth 2.5 weeks ago and is hiding in a hotel.

She gave the baby up for adoption and will no longer have medical insurance from the state or cash aid or food stamps. She gave up the baby and in doing so, she saved a life.

The baby was started by a brutal rape 39 weeks ago and she brought her….what did that ass-hat, I mean politician call it…"gift" to full term. She had mental breakdowns, stays in the psych ward and still is being diagnosed with ulcers. And now she is homeless with less than nothing.

When the attack happened, it was by someone she knew. (Most attacks are, by the way) so she was raped and ran. When she left her home she took nothing but her birth certificate and social security card and is still afraid.

I remind you that Domestic Violence is the leading cause of homelessness. What would you have had her do?

I helped her enroll in online courses and told her about the best shelters and services that I know of. Now we hope there is room, because this chick is not the only person in this situation.

I am writing this from the parking lot because I feel sick. It is too hard to see the results of anger, hate, power and control.

How could the world ever have enough love to balance the hate?

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