Growing a return on your investment.

  Investing money is like planting a garden. Your initial investments are your “seed” money – and depending on what you have planted – your investments will ripen at different rates and values.   Me? I grow sunflowers. I like to see a return on my investment quickly, and sometimes they grow to be 9Continue reading “Growing a return on your investment.”

Wicked Witch of the Welfare Office

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Women’s Health Care

Medi-Cal currently has a co-pay system and one of my friends found a great job but turned down the Health Insurance benefit because she did not understand how public health care works. This is where Planned Parenthood comes in as important. Free and sliding scale women’s health care is otherwise inaccessible.

Loss of Innocence

I will never sleep like this again, safely sheltered from the cruelties we inflict, one upon the other. I gave up more than I bargained for when I became a social worker. My last call tonight is with a young mother. She gave birth 2.5 weeks ago and is hiding in a hotel. She gaveContinue reading “Loss of Innocence”

Frustration: Helping someone doesn’t mean living their life for them.

What?! Seriously? No! Don’t walk out of the agreed upon choice we made to help you get a job and THEN come here to tell me you’re losing your housing because the owner of the house said you had to be working or looking for work to stay housed with them.

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