A Few Words on EBT vs Restaurant Meals Programs

The convienence store next door proudly displays “EBT  commonly known as CalFresh is accepted here”.

Please, please, please don’t use your cash aid money at the 7-11 store where everything costs more than at the store. A stick of string cheese is a dollar there. At a grocery store you can buy the package of 12 sticks for $3.00. They are not part of the restraunt Meals Program and they are not taking your Food Stamp funds as far as I can tell.

Understandably, when the money is free and just given to you without instruction, you are less emotionally involved in how it is spent. However, it is available for combination with coupons and then yourFree Food Money can be $700 instead of $300 if you work it correctly.

Also, Food stamp / Cal Fresh funds are available for use for hot meals at places like El Polo Loco and Jack in the Box so that you who are homeless, disabled or a senior citizen on Food Aid can have a hot meal. When you tell me thatyou can not go to an appointment I have set up for you because you “will miss the meal at the shelter”, I am not very sympathetic. You have the means to purchase other food. That was the point of giving you the aid.

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