Why Not Welfare Dad? #fb

The often bemoaned enemy in our midst is The Welfare Mom. That horrid beast who eats less than 3% of the state budget to feed and keep her child(ren) and self alive while often working but underemployed. Seriously, how dare she accept money? But, pardon me, where is Dad? I am always telling you toContinue reading “Why Not Welfare Dad? #fb”

It Isn’t a Paycheck #fb

Cash grants are designed to assist low/no income people to survive. Ideally this is supplemental income and not the sole source of survival. But, either way, an entitlement grant is NOT a paycheck and I would appreciate not having to hear "I get paid on the 3rd". Getting paid implies that you entered into aContinue reading “It Isn’t a Paycheck #fb”

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