A Few Words on EBT vs Restaurant Meals Programs

The convienence store next door proudly displays “EBT  commonly known as CalFresh is accepted here”. Please, please, please don’t use your cash aid money at the 7-11 store where everything costs more than at the store. A stick of string cheese is a dollar there. At a grocery store you can buy the package of 12 sticksContinue reading “A Few Words on EBT vs Restaurant Meals Programs”

The @MendPoverty Wish List

Volunteers Needed: Registered Dental Assistant– 4+hrs/wk Endodontists /Oral Surgeons– 3-6 hrs/mo Receptionists– 3.5hrs/wk Sat 9am-12:30pm or 4hrs/wk Tues, Thurs or Fri am Data Entry Volunteers– 2-8 hrs/wk Outreach Associate – 5hrs/mo (schedule varies) Keyboarding Teacher– Tues-Fri pm Microsoft Office Teacher and/or Asst.– Tues-Fri pm Clothing sorters– Sat 9am-3pm Client intake volunteers– Sat 9am-12pm Home visitors– 3hrs/wk orContinue reading “The @MendPoverty Wish List”

Living Third World in a First World Country

#fb is Homelessness a #FirstWorldProblem? @padschicago@Path @Ascencia @Invisiblepeople

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