How do we expect

People to "get a job", when employment is hard to find?#fb

I want people off the Welfare System more than the average person does. I am having problems making that happen when they drop out of high school or are all competing for the same dead end, starter job designed for those with no skills or ambition.

And then the "vocational" schools tell them that medical front office starts at $22/hr with no diploma needed, so enroll and use FAFSA funds and take loans and have a $20,000.00 debt because it will be so easy to repay when you make $170.00 or more a day.

Yes, I encourage them to wash dishes, do manual labor, pick fruit, fill sandbags, and all other open jobs I find, including canvassing neighborhoods with petitions and flyers.

We need an educated workforce and jobs.

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  1. As we transition into hearth preparedness in Orange County, this is becoming a top priority (as it is with all CoCs) and I know we’ve talked about working with Social Services on targeting efforts to identify folks via assessment that might be better served by allocating more money towards job training, and those that do need to focus on lower-skilled jobs. We have a for-profit workforce developer on a 10/m annual contract that just isn’t nimble enough to adjust to client needs, preferring to (as a for-profit that doesn’t partner in any social enterprise projects) box folks in. You have people with bachelors degrees or thick resumes of skilled labor sitting in the same classroom with 22 year olds that have lost CSR min wage jobs repeatedly. This is just one of a few problems down south.

  2. It happens that the Sponsoring Non-Profit for my site has a “Welfare-to-work” program, and yes, you are 100% right, but there are MORE factors to consider the lack of employment oportunities for people, like criminal records (sometimes “criminal” with the quoting marks), they send them to a program and they come out with a big gap of employment, wo is not justifiable, etc… I see all that every day just being a bystander here in this office, and it is SAD that sometimes, the system won’t aloud people to get back to work, so my question is, Why is there so many unemployed and homeless??

    Good Job as usual!!!

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