Human Hot-spotting

Personally, I was thinking that “Human Hot-spotting” is something I did just last month when I was at a conference and the hotel wanted to charge $30 a day. I asked my friends who wanted to use my hot-spot for $5 and shared.

Mini Human Hot-Spot

I did it for free on Tuesday when I was standing with the other soccer moms at practice. Think of the funds to be made at amusement parks, regular parks,  stadiums and more. 

I like the idea. Couldn’t Girl Scouts and other groups do this for fundraising?

I have one of those kids who likes to stand on Hollywood Blvd and take pictures with tourists. Maybe I should stand next to her with a Human Hotspot t-shirt. Is there a business licence needed for that?

As a social worker, I had clients who did Bum Fights for money, turned tricks, sold their belongings and anything else it would take to make money for food or rent at the SRO. It isn’t a 1099 or W2 type of occupation – but it is a person offering a service and filling a need.
the part that bothered me is that the housing status was used as an identifier. Couldn’t they have chosen people from the shelter as hot-spots without advertising their marginalization?

I understand and agree that this is not an ideal long-term plan, but it does meet immediate needs. And if you die of starvation today; you can never be housed, gainfully employed, dignified tomorrow.

I work with people who don’t have formal or classical educations and have their hustle on to make a buck to find a bed or a piece of bread. Is there anything wrong with purchasing a service from them instead of handing them a dollar for nothing. We live in a trade economy where we buy and sell. We like to call it Capitalism. If Yahoo and Verizon can sell access to the internet – why can’t the poor?

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