Why you may hear screaming from my side of the desk

The job market has not improved to any degree that includes my unskilled and uneducated clients. Private, for profit, vocational “Schools” are lurking buzzards trying to feed off my slower and more vulnerable decision makers.  It has been a long time since someone has come in and told me that I made a difference inContinue reading “Why you may hear screaming from my side of the desk”

Sometimes we all vent

But it is a Friday which means the venting is alot of listening to people tell me how their workers , the police, their kids, the kid’s teachers, etc did this to them, took that from them, don’t give enough money….etc. Seriously, don’t tell me that you cut up a library book for a reportContinue reading “Sometimes we all vent”

How do we expect

People to "get a job", when employment is hard to find?#fb I want people off the Welfare System more than the average person does. I am having problems making that happen when they drop out of high school or are all competing for the same dead end, starter job designed for those with no skillsContinue reading “How do we expect”

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