Do you care that they are dead, because they were homeless

James McGillivray, 50; Lloyd ‘Jimmy’ Middaugh, 42; and Paulus ‘Dutch’ Smit, 57 . Killed at the hands of another human being, these men were easy prey. Housing status, financial situation. married, widowed, gay or straight – who cares. What matters is that someone thinks it is okay to hunt and kill people based on their homeless status.

What is up with this?

Who among you secretly sighed and thought “There is  one less person who will be holding up a sign at a freeway off ramp!What do you feel when you hear a person without housing has passed?!”

Did you wonder privately or with friends about “Why don’t they just get a job and pay rent like the rest of us?”.

It is so easy to hate the poor and despise the homeless. Part of it is fear that we could become one of them. Part of it is that we really are annoyed that when we scrape by for food and gas and to keep our own families housed, people just ask for what we worked for – and to boot – we feel like all those taxes are going to them. The president and governors are threatening social security and Children’s Education – not threatening to cut services to the homeless and force the SSI checks to be spent on housing and food and basic needs. — the fact is that massive cuts for the homeless have already happened and you just don’t know about it because there isn’t a really great PR person alerting you to this fact. Also, you may not care

But people are people, no one came to life on their own, there was a mother and father involved at some point, and every last one of these men were little boys just 13 thousand days ago. 

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One thought on “Do you care that they are dead, because they were homeless

  1. As you know, I really care, but that is not the point, the point is that being homeless is not a reason for ANYONE to take a life, homeless or not, we are all human beings, and a human life should be respected in every possile way and again HOMELESS OR NOT! Financial status should not be an excuse, period!

    Thank you for your blog and keep up the great work!

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