“how can you be so chill and laid back”? #fb

This is the best question I have heard all day – possibly all year! I am calm in real life because I vent on-line. When I have a homeless family who is going to sleep in their car in my parking lot because there are no shelter beds available, when someone tells me they have a highschool diploma but want to get a GED also, when I hear that they can’t let their kids be with the father because they are concerned for their safety;unless mom needs a trip to Vegas with her new boyfriend, when a good friend tells me she thinks the baby’s party had nothing to do with Darla, when I am sneaking off during said party to puke my guts out, and usually I calmly smile through it all….it is because I can tell you all about it here. Sorry for being full blown out of control on line- but I have appearances to keep up in real time

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