What I want HomelessInLA to accomplish in the next year –


  1. a comprehensive list of all the local shelters and the demographics they serve
  2. a user friendly guide to navigating the Public Assistance system (Cash Aid, Medi-Cal, Medi-Care, Social Security, IHSS)
  3. A Sample budget for the low income that reflects a savings plan
  4. More introductions and contacts for you to know – ie: who is out there looking to end poverty and enabling you to move from poverty to self-sufficiency and possibly prosperity.
  5. More stories of people who are average, smart people who have fallen into poverty so that poverty has a face we are not afraid to look at and an issue we feel comfortable addressing.
  6. To use Twitter and my personal engagements in the local sphere to be more connected with people and agencies whose work I admire.


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One thought on “GOALS

  1. I am a student at CSUSB (not in LA but close) and we have just chartered an oncampus group- Educational Advocates for Single Parent Households. I mention us because we too have a low income budget and an easy to use guide to public assistance as goals for this quarter so if we finish first we will share 🙂

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