On CHRIST, Christmas and Homelessness

 I Jesus was homeless
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Because I am shallow and I judge people I tell my friends:

it they stressed out over Hanukkah and Christmas giving, that they did it wrong. The holidays are about giving and showing your love for others (ideally in a reflection of God’s love for us – but I won’t Bible Thump because that annoys me also)

I don’t feel bad for sitting with my family and sharing gifts on Christmas. Jesus hung out with his family and received gifts (two years later in Egypt – but the gifts came…. If they had FedEx it would have been more timely).

Jesus would not have deserved better gifts if he had been born to a married mother instead of a single mom.

Jesus would not be worth more if he had a stable home environment for his first few years of life.

When Jesus was in his 20’s and wandering around with friends, sleeping on friend’s floors and befriending tax collectors, lepers, and the homeless, he was just as worthy of gifts and love as he was when he was a newborn.

Stop looking at everyone’s income and station in life as a measure of personal worth. (otherwise I have no value because this girl is poor and doesn’t own a home).

Not everyone wants to be homeless and it is rarely a lifestyle choice.

Poor people do get hungry on days other than Christmas, Thanksgiving and Easter. No one can live on 3 meals a year so if you want to give food in a meaningful way – break away from the throng of people handing out turkey on these days and donate food and time on any other day. In fact – pick several random days and donate food. There are so many ways- as to be a “guest chef” at a shelter, find out who prepares food for your local rescue mission and how you can join in, or drop off 50 sack lunches to your local school for the low income children. Think out of the box.

Stop claiming that Santa ruined Christmas through commercializing it. A man who dedicates his life to giving  to the least powerful of us ,aka children, is a wonderful analogy of Christ who showed great care to the meek and lowly.





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