Amen to MEND for the Merry Christmas Adopt A Family Program

as written about in @ladailynews. This is why I love @mendpoverty1.

Dennis McCarthy wrote this lovely story: .

To be honest, this is not just a story of how two families connected – it is the spirit of MEND in Pacoima, and the reason I  (way out here in Arcadia) love the San Fernando Valley based charity/neighborhood service center/food bank/low-income medical center-clinic/ dental clinic/ eye clinic/ wellness center /  hot lunch location / place to shower & laundry so much.

MEND doesn’t do that thing where they count heads and then brag about how many poor people they know and ask you to praise them for stooping to help the needy with expencive ad campaigns. MEND quietly and sincerely embeds itself in the neighborhood and has become the heartbeat in the area.

I believe that all the families have been matched up, but call 818-897-2443 to ask.

If you feel like you have something to give but don’t even klnow where to start – start here.

Toys for infants, children 8-15yrs old, warm blankets, balls, hula hoops, and simple – battery free- toys would be greatly appriciated (unless you can give extra batteries too).

Donate canned food, fresh turkeys and fresh Ham (please, no canned ham or Spam) to MEND.

Donating to MEND is a great excuse to drive out to the big blue building on the corner of San Fernando Raod and see what love looks like.

Nancy Stone, left, and Monica Fregoso share a smile after a shopping trip in Northridge on Dec. 9, 2011. The two have become friends after Stone found Fregoso through MEND and began helping her four years ago. (Andy Holzman/Daily News Staff Photographer)

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