My Thoughts on the Despairing Mother In a Welfare Office Shooting Herself and Children

I see mentally ill, emotionally disturbed, stressed, poor parents all the time. It’s my job. I deal in poverty, foodstamps, drugs, alcohol, little kids, social workers, DCFS, and desperation from 8am to 5pm 5 days a week and in my time off I volunteer with more poor parents and families and some of my friends are barely making it.

If you were not unstable BEFORE you made it to the Welfare System: count your blessings. Identify your support network and hold on to them while you are trafficked through the system.

We, your Welfare Workers, want the best for you. We pray for the day we get the call to stay home because no one needs money or food and everyone has enough.

But, we have rules. We have to know who you are and what your real needs are so we can meet them. We try a to help as much as we have can while telling you how to get the information we need. But, again, those rules are unbreakable.

Don’t wait until you are desperate to ask for assistance. As soon as you see signs of need,come in so we have a grace period to work in.

We will ask you about your stress, anxiety, depression levels. Be honest because we can help connect you to someone who will help you. We pay for transportation and child care to help get you there.

I know how it feels to apply for food stamps and to feel that the world is against you. Trust me, the welfare DPSS workers are completely on your side. If it isn’t going well today, go home and come back when the doors open tomorrow.,_despairing_mother_shoots_her_two_children_in_welfare_office/#.TuE_lnYVezw.mailto

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