$11 for 11.11.11 Veteran’s Day – a Suggested Donation

I know many of us will be spending money this Friday at Veteran’s Day sales. Can I suggest we also spend $11 to help the very veteran’s we are taking the day to honor?

Recently you have been hearing a lot about @MENDPOVERTY1  M.E.N.D   from me. Part of that is because I am enthralled that there is a place providing everything I have ever wanted to see in a community center – and it is all FREE to those who can not pay. Donations, of course, are accepted when they fit into the recipient’s budget.

Pacoima is far away from my hometown of Arcadia – and I would do anything to replicate the services closer to home. Until I figure out how to do that, I want to share a little more about why MEND speaks to me.

  • If you live near MEND and don’t have enough money to feed your family for the month: MEND can give you a box of food
  • If it is the middle of the day and you need a hot meal : MEND will serve one to you…and it will be real food that smells and tastes good.
  • If you never graduated High school and need the education to get a better job, or as an example for your children: MEND offers the classes.
  • If poverty and other issues are causing you emotional troubles, free therapy is available
  • Need a dental or vision or medical appointment, real life, certified professionals will examine and treat you.
  • Need somewhere to pour your good intentions and time into: MEND is almost completely staffed and run by volunteers.
  • Do you want to learn to sew? MEND has a class for that.
  • Are you homeless without a place to take a shower? Two days a week MEND opens it’s hot showers for free.
  • Need nicer clothing for your children or family to wear for school or to work? MEND has a boutique. A donation is suggested, but if it isn’t possible – it is also free.
  • Too overwhelmed to know where and how to apply for public benefits? the Intake staff will hep you apply and direct you.

So, now it almost Veteran’s day and they are telling me that many of their clients are Veterans. At least 5 of the Veteran’s they served last week were homeless.

Like I said, all of the services to the Veteran’s (and the neighborhood) are free. And speaking of FREE, I am free because people were willing to sign up and protect this country and fight for my freedoms. Freedom is free to most of us with a suggested donation that some of us serve in the military and armed forces.

So: go to MEND’s web page and look for this form.

 Donation Amount:       (US Dollars)  *  

      $11.00    – for Veterans Services
      $25.00    – Provides warm jackets and pants for two people
      $50.00   – Provides necessary supplies to give a child a teeth cleaning
    $100.00  – Provides a nutritious food box to feed a family of four
    $250.00  – Pays for the cost of running the computer lab for one week
    $500.00  – Provides vital insulin shots and medication for a diabetic patient
 $1,000.00 – Strengthens MEND’s comprehensive approach to poverty-relief!
  other $

I want to make a one-time donation.
I want to make a recurring donation every: Month 3 months Year What’s this?

This donation is in response to:  * Veterans 11-11-11 Campaign Christmas Basket Program E-Newsletter/Online search engine Gift of Love Fundraising Event Long time MEND Supporter Mailing: Newsletter / MEMORANDUM Media Story Stop Summer Hunger Facebook/Twitter Story Other
If you chose other, please explain:  


Find somewhere near you to give $11 to, or feel free to donate to MEND

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