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@HomeForGoodLA came by Mxxxxx in Burbank today to discuss why I walk in the United Way HomeWalk.

I walk for Tommie Jenkins, Anne Martini, Jim, and Gordo who all were homeless when I met them, were recently housed when I left them and now are dead from complications of poverty. For Donald Hearns and Linda who is incarcerated and finally assured of 4 hots and a cot. For Dolores who went stark crazy mad and lost all her teeth, her husband,her housing, her sobriety and sanity to poverty. I walk for John Best, Celena Alvarez, Maria Ramirez, Arlinda, Frankie Tush,  and the staff at LAMP Community when led my Molly Lowery because I learned EVERYTHING I know about giving people the dignity to choose who they are and the life they feel comfortable living. For Billy Blade, Will Smith, Carl Bunker and most of Darlene – who are alive and well and touched my heart.

At my desk I keep a photo of Tommie, Donald and Carl.

Across from my desk is a picture board with photos of previous cash aid clients who are all now employed and many of them housed. I walk for them.

I walked weighing 330 pounds and last year I walked 8 months pregnant and on bed rest. I walk because someone needs to bring attention to what poverty and homelessness can do physically.

I walk the United Way Homewalk because of the vendors that showcase their services on the lawn of Exposition park. I go to network, to see old friends and former coworkers like Carlos Gonzales of PATH.

Everyone who inspires me and shares my wish to end homelessness and obliterate poverty and give peple a chance to live with dignity will be at The HomeWalk on November 19th. For me it is personal.

Celina and me (as Santa) at LAMP

2010 Homewalk

What would cause you to walk?

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