Coupon use 101

Buying with Foodstamps? You CAN use coupons, you SHOULD use coupons! Make those dollars count.

1. Stroll through your local stores to see what items are on sale.  Sometimes there are “coupon dispensers” by the item, take a coupon.

2. Make a list of items you need (A Weekly Meal plan is the first, best step for this)

3. Start clipping coupons from the local paper. If you don’t get the paper, buy one , as a friend, ask the library what they do with the inserts, or ask the local recycling center if they will give the coupon section to you.

4. Check on the internet for coupons.

5. ORGANIZE Put your coupons in a binder in plastic sleeves, or photo album sleeve sheets, or an accordion folder.  My friend has a collection of envelopes for each Type of coupon. Cleaners in one, beans in another, pasta in another, etc.

6. Take your shopping list AND coupons with you on your trip to the store.  I take an empty envelope and move the coupons I am going to use into that envelope at the same time I place the item in my cart. If i have the kids with me, I take tape and let them tape the coupons to the items. This really annoys the clerks though.

The following is from : How to Use Coupons and Save Money: Beginner Couponing Lesson |

Don’t just use the coupons as soon as they are issued. Instead, wait for the item to go on sale, and them combine the sale with the coupon for maximum savings. Several websites list the coupon and sale match-ups each week for major grocery chains across the nation. is a well-respected blog that posts the best deals one can get with their coupons each week.

Another way to maximize the use of coupons is to stack them with store coupons. Many times, a major grocery or pharmacy chain will put out weekly coupons for their store. These can be combined with the manufacture coupons found online and in the newspaper. Check with the store policy on these types of transactions beforehand. Again, many coupon bloggers such as MoneySavingMom often provide the details on how to do this legally.

Remember to go through the coupons periodically, such as once a month, to ensure that any expired ones get discarded.

Everyday I hear someone tell me that the food stamps they are issued are not enough to feel their family. When I ask if they had a meal plan, a shopping list, or use coupons : I am told NO!

Why wouldn’t you use coupons to feed your family? The money is already free – get the most out of it.

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