HomeWalk – because everyone needs somewhere to go in the rain

It is raining in beautiful Southern California and I have discovered a new addiction : home shopping on the internet.

It is nice to have the luxury of doing that and not having to stand in line at a shelter in the downpour – holding my children close and hoping there will be room for me in the colder wet night.

Everyone deserves somewhere to go when it is raining. There are not enough places for folks to go. However there are thousands of people trying to make homes and shelters and beds and provide meals and showers and most of all: guidance until those people who need the help can be on their own two feet.

How can you throw your support behind those who would END HOMELESSNESS or at least make it bearable? Support the United Way HomeWalk on November 19th.

I will be there.

If you show up and find me – you can make me sing to you – in public.

How am I trying to end homelessness? I am pushing mothers and fathers toward employment, job skills and education. I am selling pizza every Wednesday. I am raffling off purses and movie tickets and anything else that may turn a profit – and then those funds are being donated to The HomeWalk.

If you want to walk too – just join me. Join my team. Donate to my team. At the very least: spread the word.

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