How inept do you think I am?

We are having a potluck Monday and my friends are multi-cultural. So, I have been getting some fun emails about what everyone is bringing. Everyone is feeling the need to tell me what their dish is made of – LENA says “Chicken rolls, like Chinese egg rolls, but I am Armenian “, Lulu says sheContinue reading “How inept do you think I am?”

CalWORKS and Domestic Violence

  E. Child Support Good Cause Claim for Non-Cooperation   Prior to referral of an individual to the local child support agency, the county welfare department shall determine if that person has good cause for non-cooperation. 107 County welfare departments must inform all applicants/recipients verbally and in writing of their right to request an exemptionContinue reading “CalWORKS and Domestic Violence”

They interviewed me… I’m flattered

@HomeForGoodLA: @sonyakeith 4rm #HomeWalk team Mxxxxx Gxxx tells us y she is joining us at this yr’s 5K walk/run 2 end #homelessness!  Original Tweet:  Sent via TweetDeck (

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