I should not judge

But I do. I am happy to help my family, friends, family of friends, friends of family – and  oh yes, the clients.

I want to meet each person with  a positive outlook, hope, and faith in them. Every time.

Each greeting is a fresh start. The past is what happened and now we plan for the future and for success! ♥ Go US! Watch us succeed!

But today I slipped – okay, I slid down a Slip And Slide hung off the edge of the Grand Canyon – I picked up momentum and there is no hope of a soft slow landing any time soon.

Time to chant – I will not judge. I will be helppful. I will reflect hope and faith. I will stop stabbing the voodoo doll in my desk while I smile benignly. I will not lecture people.  I will not throw THE STARE to anyone else today. I will not want to kick people under the desk. I will remember that I believe. I will remember that I am serving children by helping the parents. I will not scream when the parents want money but no help. I will not judge.


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