What was Your Call to Action ?

Is there a special “cause” in your life?

Do you Walk for Cancer?

Research and promote autism awareness?

Looking for a cure to Diabetes?

Funding books for the blind?

Rocking AIDs babies?

Housing the homeless?

Feeding the poor?

What do you do – and why do you do it?

Remember in High School; we all had to take “Extra Curricular’, non-core classes? I strongly believe life should be like that. Our focus should be shaved enough to let the light of other people’s lives shine in so we become more well-rounded and less selfish.

Feeding 3rd world countries?

Voters rights?

Women’s Rights

Human Rights

Save the Whales

Religious Freedom

Pro-Gay or Anti-Gay Rights

Hearing Aids for low-income children

Preventing Premature babies

Spay and neutering animals

Free legal aid for victims of Domestic Violence

————————- Do you do these with a friend, or privately and on your own?

Have you made a difference? Is someone or something’s life better because you turned your head and looked at something you wanted to make better?

Car seat safety

Neighborhood watch

Arts in the schools

Clean air

How would you feel if anyone saw what you were doing and told you that you did not do enough? If they complained that someone took your photo while you were volunteering and posted it to their supports, so now they assume you are doing your good work for self glory?

Ending drug sales to youth

Removing junk food from school vending machines

Ending Illiteracy

Cleaning tombstones

Tying yellow ribbons to trees

Protesting war

Delivering food to the homebound

Exposing homelessness in our cities

Trash pick up at the beach

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Mommy. Social worker. Nice lady seeking to end homelessness and end poverty. FightOn

One thought on “What was Your Call to Action ?

  1. Ohhhhh boy Sonya do i ever have a story for you! I can relate in a sort of the same way but it involves a family of 3 our org has been helping for about 10 months now and things another org stated about us to this family. It was horrible and insulting……annnnd….they do not even know us. The kicker? WE hooked up with local Police to take them to this org and get them a place to sleep because we figured they would be better to help them due to their greater resources financially. Never again. Never again will we make that same mistake. It happened about a month ago and i still cant believe what went on.

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