Dear @LAHSA and Mike Arnold

I am aware, I am doing something – so could we help the homeless kids in my neighborhood? How will you know when we are aware enough to meet your standards?  Is there a bell we are supposed to ring, a flag to capture, a special dance that will signal success to you?

Did you really tell @URM “You need to shut your front door to families with children, and leave them on the streets in their communities, so that the communities’ social consciousness will be elevated, and they will step up and provide services to their neighbors.”  ?

I provide service to my neighbors. I really do.

I leave full lunches at church for the Good Samaritan Cupboard that all Arcadia places of worship host.

I donate to The Unity Center and participate in the Angel Tree. – Heck, I brought 90 Angels to work for my coworkers to help me out with.

I donate and volunteer for MEND in Pacoima in the -OTHER- Valley.

And in my free time I hang out in the Welfare system , helping poor moms and dads become self-sustaining.

WHEN will it be enough so that you will support other agencies – who can and do serve hundreds of children at once – where as I can only do a few a day?

I tell my HOUSED neighbors and friends about the needs of others.

I recruit their assistance.


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