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Get the Facts on Your Fees at California Community Colleges July 20, 2011

 1) California community college fees are controlled by the state legislature, not by individual colleges.

2) Students at all 112 California community colleges will pay $36 per unit starting Fall 2011, a $10 per unit increase in tuition.

3) Even with the fee increase to $36 per unit, California remains the cheapest community college system in the country. That’s about $1,000 a year for a full-time student, by far the lowest tuition in the nation.

4) The fee increase will not affect needy students, who are not required to pay fees. Two-thirds of full-time community college students will not be affected by the increase, because they do not pay fees through BOG waivers offered by the state.

5) The fee raise is the result of cuts to the state budget, signed by Gov. Jerry Brown on June 30, 2011, trimming the community college funding by 8 percent, or $400 million. The fees are expected to generate about $110 million in revenue, still resulting in a net loss of $290 million to the colleges in state support.

6) Student fees pay only a small portion of the cost of a student’s education; in 2009, they covered 11%. Community colleges receive three main sources of general–purpose funding: the most paid by the state’s General Fund; about a third paid by local property taxes; and the remainder from student fee revenue and other sources.

7) Tuition could increase to $46 per unit in the spring of 2012 if the economy fails to meet the projections used in the Governor’s budget.

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