Poverty = Women’s Issue

poverty is a women's issue

Not all women are poor, but most of the world’s poor are women. Most of the poor in Los Angeles are women. When you think about Welfare, admit it, your brain says “Welfare Mom”, not Welfare Dad, or Welfare Family.

When I am handed a stack of cases (and lately I could build cities with the files I am handed)I expect them to have the name of a woman on them.

75% of women living below the poverty line do not have children.

Why? We all know why.

Women have unpaid times in their lives to care for our elderly and our young much more often than men do.

Women are more likely to take on the financial obligations of raising children is there is only one custodial parent.

Women who work all year still earn just 77% of what their male counterparts do.

“Women’s Work” aka “Pink Color” jobs are lower paying: school teacher, social worker (tell me about that one!), nurse, caregiver, hairdresser etc. these jobs also leave women with fewer routes to pensions and retirement dollars.

Women drop out of school younger, and have less education than men.

Women who leave marriage often walk right into poverty.

Poverty is a Human Rights issue. Poverty happens to women more than men – at every single age group breakdown. Poverty is a Women’s Rights issue. Women are entitled to Human Rights standards of living.

 The more educated women are, the better their human rights are .

I never thought I would be a feminist, or Femi-Nazi . . . but this seems really very wrong.


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