Veteran Section 8 Vouchers

This was the HUD announcement… what is the follow up?
The Housing Authority is pleased to announce that we have 505 vouchers to assist homeless veterans and their families.
The HUD-Veterans Affairs Supportive Housing Program, known as “HUD-VASH”, was
designed to address the needs of the most vulnerable homeless, Veterans. To be eligible for this program, Veterans must be VA Health Care eligible, homeless, and in need of case management services in order to obtain and sustain permanent independent community housing.
The Housing Authority and the Los Angeles Veterans Affairs Medical Center (VAMC) have formed a local partnership to provide permanent housing and supportive services to homeless veterans. The goal of the program is to combine Section 8 rental assistance vouchers with case management and clinical services provided by the Veterans Affairs Department at its medical centers, to enable homeless veterans to reintegrate in the community to lead healthy, productive lives. Overall, this program has proven extremely effective at assisting homeless veterans get off the streets and into stable housing.
The Los Angeles VAMC will determine the eligibility of homeless veterans and families for the Program and refer them to the Housing Authority. We, in turn, will determine the eligibility for the Section 8 rental subsidy in accordance with Housing Choice Voucher Program guidelines.
The Housing Authority is proud to support the men and women who so valiantly serve in the U.S. military to keep our homeland safe! We encourage our owner community to partner with us in this special effort to ensure our Veterans receive the housing they so well deserve after returning home from serving our country.”

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3 thoughts on “Veteran Section 8 Vouchers

  1. Orange County has more Vet- vouchers than they know what to do with. Problem is finding money for 2x rent Security Deposits/Move-Ins, and EFSP has been cut/delayed considerably. Few homeless Vets are kicking around 2800 bucks for that initial move-in that HUD doesn’t cover.

    1. huh, I didn’t know they had that much of a move in cost and no one to help them save it. I know here there are many homeless service agencies that do money management and savings – but it would take MONTHS to come up with that

  2. HUD will never pay first months rent. Concession kicks in after they’re already firmly in. State-law max is 2X rent for unfurnished apartment. So let’s say in Tustin they find a 1Bdr for 1255. Landlord is completely in their legal right to charge $2510 for move-in, and since it’s Sec8, they typically do to protect them from payment issues down the road, even if Resident portion is 135 bucks or 30% of a $450 SSI payment. I’ve fielded quite a few referrals directly for Vet Rental Assistance. Had one last week w/ a Voucher who is Service Connected at the LBVA. Problem is HPRP funding here has expired and EFSP is delayed. Can’t help him get into a place and pay his $150/mo rent and get him housed. Not fun.

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