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Sorry to ramble, I discovered this as my new assignment 48 hours ago – and I am excited and scared. I really want these students to think of their HS Diplomas as a small step to entering a real school, holding a well-paying job and leaving poverty forever. And frankly, I have never met anyone who went to UCLA or USC  and struggled afterwards.

This baby already knows she will go to college. Darla ♥'s Traveler and USC

 I will have pregnant and parenting teens ages 16 – 19 until they earn their high school diplomas. Ideally I will be able to guide them to meet the Freshman enrollment standards as outlined by local schools .  The only perk to being poor is that everything except for tuition will be paid for these students if they directly go to college (We, CalWORKS,  pay child care, transportation, books, class fees and materials), if they go to a JC their tuition will be waived under the BOGG2 – and FAFSA may take care of the rest.

 Having worked with the adults in this population – I discovered that no one ever expected these children to go to college or presented it as an option. No one has ever asked them what they want to do/be when they grow up.

 I am contemplating posting pictures of my more successful friends in their UCLA and other college sweatshirts, and buying pennants and mascots from all the local schools to decorate my cubicle.

 If you have any other information or brainstorms, feel free to share.

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  1. All the California community colleges have campus CalWORKs offices that may assist with case management, academic counseling, workstudy, job placement, and childcare subsidies (each campus provides differing services). They also help students report their activities and progress to the local Social Services agencies. You should contact them and collaborate!

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