MEND in Pacoima – WOW

Yesterday I walked into a mecca of services, outreach and good old-fashioned neighborhood service.

You know I am always looking for resources and places that serve the low-income population in LA. I am not sure how I missed hearing more about MEND

“MEND was founded in the early 1970s by professionals working without pay. Today the agency provides the only free, comprehensive medical, dental and vision care in the northeast San Fernando Valley, where 44 percent of residents have no medical insurance of any kind. ” ♥♥ read more

The building is big, bright and full of every service I could think of. A few streets away is a school with tutoring, ESL classes and general community education.

I will tell you more later- but for now, find them on FaceBook, follow them on Twitter  ” @mendpoverty1″ and tell me what you think. (Also, tell them Sonya sent you! 🙂  )

10641 San Fernando Road
CA 91331-2626
(818) 896-0246

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