Please Don’t Tell Me That

you are going through an “irresponsible period” or that “maybe you didn’t listen the day I explained everything to you”, or that “I drank too much last night so i can’t talk long on the phone today”

I appreciate the honesty – but it is not going to get you any points in my book .

How are you going to leave Cash Aid – that is all I want to know and all I want to help you do.

I understand that you need Welfare – it is a social safety net for all of us. I would like to see it used wisely and preserved for the deserving.

Women who ask for extensions of Cash Aid time because of Domestic Violence should not be tainted by the other women who are the Domestic abusers ( or “beaters”, as one client said to me … “I am the beater”) but ask for time back because they are in a Domestically Violent Relationship. Nor should the people who lie about abuse simply to stay on Cash aid be overlooked and make us suspicious of every woman who claims DV.

It is only Tuesday and I am burnt out.

I am pulling out pictures of my employed clients, my Chemical Engineer who was my client while she completed her degree, the woman who started her own maid service, the LVN’s, grocery clerks, even the exotic dancers : all the clients who make a choice every day to get up, get out and take control of their destinies and take steps toward being self-sufficient: the women and men who are trying “super hard” to break up with me and the DPSS system.

I am trying to block out the woman who doesn’t want to watch her own children so she drops them off at day care and goes home to take a nap – then came to my office to scream about her $3,000 child care bill because the state is supposed to watch her children for free. The pregnant mother who lit up a cigarette as she walked out of the door to the parking lot, the mother who refused to take her 3 year old to the bathroom so the child soiled herself and my chair and then the mother tried to spank the child – and then tried to throw a punch at me for calling Child Protective services.


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