To Welfare or Not To Welfare

If you qualify for public assistance – should you take it?

That is a really difficult question.

PRIDE: There are some people who are too proud to use coupons to save money, there is no way they would ever admit that they need money.

Privacy: You have to give a lot of information to the government when you apply. A copy of your birth certificate, your bank statements, rental receipts, the value of your car, etc… as well as your Social security number, If there were ever people in position to commit Identity fraud, it would be your Government Aid Workers (and the people who take your catalog orders over the telephone)

Freedom of choice : Some programs require that you DO things and report back locations, times, dates and hours of participation. It is hard to feel like a grown adult when someone is looking over your shoulder telling you what you must do or else you lose everything that you have (which is basically just your benefits anyway).

FEAR: Fear that you will become dependant on these benefits and when they go away you will be worse off than you are now.

But, if you need it, take it, That is what we are all paying taxes for : to keep you alive and well and to hold you up for a little while until the Earth comes back under your feet.

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