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Your family is everything and they say that “Home is Where the Heart Is”. But when it is cold and wet and there is no bed for the baby, no blanket for the kids, no lights to do homework by and no heat to keep you warm or kitchen to make food in – you have to finally declare Homelessness and ask someone for help.

But when you do decide that you need help – where can you find it? Canb you find help that fits your needs? Or, will you have to change yourselves to fit the criterea of the agency offering you a bed.

Good luck finding a shelter bed in The Valley (San Fernando Valley) that will take a mother and a teen age boy. For some reason the sheters think teen boys are undesirable and dangerous.

Try to find a FAMILY SHELTER where Mom, Dad and Chid can stay together. – it is almost impossible.

In Los Angeles The Dream Center and Union Rescue Mission are doing the almost unheard of and working hard to keep entire families together because the support system makes periods of homelesnesss shorter in duration – and makes for healthier, more successful children who do better ib school.

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