My gift to – it involves shopping

Two reasons exist for Invisible People merchandise on

 1. It gives visibility to the concept, and the items advert for the cause while being useful and  topics of conversation.

2.  This concept takes funding. Connecting the poor, homeless, and marginalized to the social networks sounds like a great grassroots idea – but it costs in internet fees, electricity, computer upkeep, printing, phone calls, and travel to meet the newly connected and speak about We Are Visible at conferences. Proceeds from this virtual store will all go to Mark Horvath as this shop is my gift of support to him, and I will send him monthly sales reports.

Poverty is a full-time job. Working at a low wage and spending all your time trying to bring others out of poverty is a concept I understand, and I have spent six years teaching the homeless in LA and formerly homeless to blog – which is why Mark is one of my heroes and his staff calls me his Number 1 Stalker. He has taken his dream from idea to an actual working model that connects real people and makes real change every day.

So, if you have an extra few dollars, donate it to Invisible People or We Are Visible, and if you want to spent the money wearing a shirt, drinking from a cup, carrying water around and have a constant reminder of the web site that helps others connect to the Social World and have a voice… buy something from here.

When I was at Homeless Connect Day in Glendale, I was discussing with @LostAwareness that the project needed shirts etc, and she reminded me that the people working the project are very busy – and did not have the time to set up a virtual store (and certainly had no place to store shirts etc to sell), so this is my gift to them. I hope they, and you, approve.

Stainless Water Bottle 0.6L Be Seen.

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