Godd Bless Anne Martini

A mid-west ballerina who was a personal assistant to Jane Fonda, worked and taught at UCLA and in the recent years was accepted to Graduate School at USC, Anne Martini died on Christmas Eve 2010.

In the middle of her life she had an abusive marriage, a drinking problem, and a mental breakdown. UCLA hospital dropped her off on Skid Row where she was found by Outreach Workers from LAMP Community. Out of work, out of money, and out of luck, her friends from the West Side would not take her in and her family did not want her. She was too much trouble.

Celina Alvarez, an advocate at LAMP, decided to take on the issue and helped her recover money from UCLA and start applying for Social Security. In the mean time she was moved into a section 8 Shelter Plus Care apartment in The Lamp Lodge. Her weight had bloomed to almost 400 pounds. When she recieved Medi-Cal she had a Gastric bypass and eventually weighted 110 pounds again.

Even when Anne had lost what you and I consider to be everything, she kept her mind. She was sharp, and sometimes manipulative, but also well spoken and concerned for her neighbors and friends and those around her.

God Bless Anne Martini and grant her rest and a permanent home.

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  1. RIP Anne Martini. I knew you during a happier time. You were a giver and shined your light on me. I will always remember you that way.

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