Dear Santa,

I don’t have a chimney
We don’t have a home
Instead of mailing a Christmas list
I am sending you this poem.

How a child should think of Santa, and how a Homeless Child sees him

The nights here have been rainy
and we have been so cold
I just want a bed
I don’t need a doll to hold
I don’t need toys to play with
when I am cold and wet
But I am telling you
my one wish
because I think we’ve met.
I saw you in the mission
when you served my one hot meal.
And in the Social Service office
although you looked like a cog in the system’s wheel
I think you are the man who drove us to the shelter
and glimpsed you in the clinic when my fever felt like swelter
I have seen you, Santa
in the middle of July:
handing out free water when my throat was parched and dry.
I have seen you Santa
and I hope you believe in me
All I want for Christmas
Is a place with my own key.

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Mommy. Social worker. Nice lady seeking to end homelessness and end poverty. FightOn

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