What to Give a Homeless Child

It isn’t food, clothing, or shelter. What Homeless Children need is the same need you and I have. Stability.

Stability brings a sense of security.

Food, clothing and shelter are predicatable and not something that a chld with STABILITY has to worry about.

With stability, a child knows where they are sleeping every night. The same pillow, the same blanket, and the same four walls are more comforting than any security blanket Linus ever dragged around.

A child with stability does not constantly identify themselves as a “Homeless Kid”, they are just a kid who can worry about kid things;  “Where did I leave the Library book?,  Do I have homework, Am I one of the “Cool Kids?”.

A stable child develops emotionally and physically at a normal and healthy rate .

So when you are thinking of what you are willing to do to help out a needy child – ask yourself how you can best transform your effort and dollars into STABILITY for a child.

  • Can you take in a Foster Child?
  • Do you have friends who need a safe place to stay – and do you have room for them until the end of the school year?
  • Can you help a needy parent find employment or housing?
  • Can you donate to a shelter that offers long-term housing and a home-like environment, and hot meals  such as The Union Rescue Mission does?
  • Can you help your friends pay rent for one more month?

Homeless children don’t need strangers  to  preach to them  about God before they can eat or go to bed. Their poverty is probably not a result of their choices, personal finances or sin. They are kids for God’s sake!

Homeless Kids don’t need Lego’s or other toys that break down into many little pieces, or large toys that can not be taken from shelter to shelter or stored while they are in school and the parents are working or looking for work.

Homeless Kids need to be Just Kids, like everyone else.

This holiday season, if you want to give a really meaningful gift, give that. Give stability.

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