Gift Giving Ideas for Homeless and Poor Children #fb

When you are constantly moving, and sometimes in and out of shelters where your entire family can only have 3 bags : bikes and x-boxes and stuffed animals get left behind. Anything big, bulky, or requiring electricity is simply not practical. So, as kind and generous as you want to be to a poor littleContinue reading “Gift Giving Ideas for Homeless and Poor Children #fb”

I am a bad Homeless Advocate

I told off a beggar today, and I am not ashamed. I dropped of the kid at school, and because I am currently off work on Disability I went to my local 7-11 in baggy sweats for decaf coffee before enduring another day of bed rest. It was before 8:00 am. On the way intoContinue reading “I am a bad Homeless Advocate”

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