Why I worked on Skid Row

Why do I work here? Unlike some of you who have glamorous jobs and get to travel the globe, I drive the 15 miles from a lovely suburb into Los Angeles. I pass neighborhoods, schools, a hospital, freeways, industrial areas, warehouses and then cross the First Street Bridge. I turn left at the Fish restaurantContinue reading “Why I worked on Skid Row”

Homeless Evacuated From Temporary Shelter

Rain in the OC has caused a Laguna Canyon “alternative sleeping location” to be evacuated.  45 men and women were taken away by bus and dropped off at another location – in the rain. ♥ read more: http://latimesblogs.latimes.com/lanow/2010/12/homeless-evacuated-near-downtown-laguna-beach.html

Homeless Memorial Day

Imagine sleeping on the street, this would be one of the worst nights. Close to Christmas, cold weather, and more hours of darkness. Winter Solstice is also Homeless Memorial Day. It is the shortest day of the year which means the longest night. Today is the one day we set aside to think about theContinue reading “Homeless Memorial Day”

Dear Santa,

I don’t have a chimney because We don’t have a home Instead of mailing a Christmas list I am sending you this poem. The nights here have been rainy and we have been so cold I just want a bed I don’t need a doll to hold I don’t need toys to play with whenContinue reading “Dear Santa,”

Hey New York! Ethics in Human Research, please.

You want to know if your Homeless services and Prevention Programs really work – but what you are doing may not be ethical.  It certainly isn’t very nice. Yes, what you want to know is important: No, it is not important enough to justify the harm you are causing. In case you forgot – expedients with humans comeContinue reading “Hey New York! Ethics in Human Research, please.”

Gift Giving Ideas for Homeless and Poor Children #fb

When you are constantly moving, and sometimes in and out of shelters where your entire family can only have 3 bags : bikes and x-boxes and stuffed animals get left behind. Anything big, bulky, or requiring electricity is simply not practical. So, as kind and generous as you want to be to a poor littleContinue reading “Gift Giving Ideas for Homeless and Poor Children #fb”

I am a bad Homeless Advocate

I told off a beggar today, and I am not ashamed. I dropped of the kid at school, and because I am currently off work on Disability I went to my local 7-11 in baggy sweats for decaf coffee before enduring another day of bed rest. It was before 8:00 am. On the way intoContinue reading “I am a bad Homeless Advocate”

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